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Foxi® Antislip Rug underlay
Foxi is a leading brand of antislip underlay specifically designed for use on handmade rugs. It is suitable for all types of floors: carpet, parquet, marble, tiles, linoleum, plastic or laminated flooring.  Foxi® will hold rugs firmly in place helping to prevent creases and waves. It will also add additional cushioning to the rug. 

This underlay can be trimmed to size usually 5cm smaller all round.  


Size: 150cm x 90cm

Other Size Options:

150cm x 90cm / 180cm x 120cm / 200cm x 150cm / 240cm x 160cm / 300cm x 200cm / 300cm x 245cm / 360cm x 270cm / 400cm x 300cm

Product Info

  • 2mm thickness
  • Stops rugs creeping on fitted carpet and hard floors
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Contact us for bespoke sizes