Get involved with the process. Sometimes you need something a little different. Whether it's replacing a colour, changing the size or creating your own individual piece of carpet art; our custom rug option enables you to do just that. Let your creativity and imagination run free and commission a unique piece that is tailored just for you.

Whether customising any of our contemporary pieces or creating your own design;  please get in touch via email or, alternatively, fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Any further questions or want to talk about any ideas please call 020 7692 8979. 


Our contemporary collection of rugs are made in a broad range of designs and sizes that fit most spaces. If this is not the case, you can pick an existing design and have the rug made in a size that suits you. We can also add to, or change, any colours to ones that suit your existing colour schemes. 



The options are endless with hand knotted rugs.

STEP 1 - Discussion of your ideas.

STEP 2 - Selection of colours and materials - We have 1200 colours to choose from.

STEP 3 - We draw up a CAD of the rug onto graph paper.

STEP 4 - The materials are dyed.

STEP 5 - Production starts on the loom.

STEP 6 - When the rug is finished on the loom it is air shipped to the UK.

STEP 7 - We deliver and place the rug in situ.

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