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Khan rugs were originally woven by the nomadic Tekke tribe in Central Asia and were predominantly traded in the markets of Bokhara.

Khan Mohammadi rugs are typically woven using wool that has been dyed to a deep, rich red. What is interesting to note though is that although red is a distinctive colour in all of these rugs, when you look closely at any finished piece you will see that it actually features an assorted array of deep red shades woven together artfully to create a unique, exotic hue that is one of its kind. This skilful combination of colours that ranges from warm rust and vibrant terracotta to deep, dark maroon is what gives these rugs their outstanding character and detail. 


Price: £695.00

Size: 197 cm x 150 cm (6-6ft x 5ft)

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Construction: Hand woven

Pile Content: Wool

Product ID : RCT-V06

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