We supply a viewing service to residential house 's, offices and businesses in London
We believe that the best place to choose the right rug to buy, is the room it’s going to live. So let us do the hard work – we bring a selection to your home for you to try. This service is absolutely free of charge, we do all the heavy lifting and you can try as many rugs or carpets as you like.
Emma Mellor Handmade Rugs offer a comprehensive selection of handmade oriental rugs, large rugs, Aubusson rugs, antique rugs, contemporary rugs, Persian rugs, hall runners, silk carpets, Scandinavian Rug and Kilim designs, modern designer rugs, handmade rugs, Cushions, Round Rugs and Circular Rugs bespoke rugs & Kilims in London, including the traditional, the unusual and the difficult to find.
Our extensive selection of hand knotted oriental rugs are directly imported and responsibly sourced - we only deal with suppliers who understand our high quality standards and opposition to exploitation, ensuring we have the best possible quality at the best price.


Traditional Rug Designs

Classic style is timeless. A neutral palette, whether subtle or dramatic, is enduringly elegant. This style’s essential colour combinations mix a trio of monochromatic hues; a light tone to illuminate, a dark one for depth, and a medium shade for balance. The result is a space that is graceful and restful.
Our traditional rugs are arts and crafts designs descending from William Morris or classical city Persian designs. Each piece utilizes craftsmanship, design and showcases the individuality of each weaver.


 Contemporary Rug Designs 


The contemporary rug collection is a combination of luxurious texture and imaginative use of both pattern and palette. Contemporary design, sleek, minimal and functional, Modern style lives life on the edge. A little bit classic, a little bit pop culture, it reinvents itself along the way and pushes new possibilities forward. It relies on dramatic contrasts for impact, small strokes of intense hues as unexpected jolts of excitement. Instead of abandoning traditional motifs, modern style enlarges them. Patterns are blown up to giant proportions and cropped into abstraction


 Extra Large Rugs

Specialists in large rugs and carpets, these large rugs are typically over 13ft x 10ft (400cm x 305cm ) and tend to be oriental or Persian in design. A HOME VIEWING can be arraigned for the rugs in this collection.


Kilim Patchwork designs

Kilim rugs are flat woven and traditionally originate from Turkey and have no pile like other handmade Oriental Rugs. Their geometric designs and muted colours make for an especially beautiful addition to almost any room. Best used in low footfall areas, the Kilim rug is a versatile favourite of many interior design houses.


Traditional Persian Rug Designs

Persian rugs and carpets are generally named after the village, tribe, city or region where they are knotted. A Kashan Persian carpet for example would be woven in the city of Kashan, Iran. Each carpet/rug classification will have certain distinguishing features that set them apart from other Persian rugs such as colour, design, weave or size. 





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All rugs marked with the HOME VIEWING LOGO are available to be viewed in your London home.





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