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Bokhara rugs and carpets from the end of the 19th Century were hand-woven by the people of Russian Turkistan tribes (Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). Bokhara rugs have always held a high place in rug weaving history and are a traditional piece of art suitable for any interior decor, especially as they look fantastic on wooden floors.
A beautiful fine Tekke Bokhara. The madder red dyes are glorious with good variations of reds and terracotta woven using high quality soft wool. A rare fine quality carpet, the condition is good with nice even wear.

SIZE : 165cm x 125cm (5-5ft x 4-1ft)

CIRCA: 1900

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Country of Origin: Turkmenistan

Construction: Hand woven

Pile Content: Wool (4mm) 

Knots : approx 360 000 knots per m²

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